On August 14, TEEN TOP made their first ever appearance on KBS2‘s ‘Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook‘ in 10 years!

On this day, both MC Yoo Hee Yeol and the members of TEEN TOP expressed their amazement at the fact that they’ve never run into one another before on any broadcast. The MC then remarked, “But I thought TEEN TOP had 5 members. Are we missing someone?”

Changjo explained, “Actually yesterday, our member Chunji hyung enlisted in the military. We sent him off yesterday.” He added on, “If only he’d had a little bit more time, we would have been able to appear with all 5-members, so there’s a bit of disappointment there.” 

Here, Niel commented, “Chunji hyung loves ‘Sketchbook’. He would have actually been the perfect member to guest on this show, but too bad he enlisted yesterday.” 

Changjo and Niel also recalled the moment that all of TEEN TOP sent Chunji off for his basic training. “Yesterday before sending him off, we all ate together. But when it got to be about an hour before he had to report in, he seemed really on edge.” Niel chimed in with, “We ate jjambbong together because he said he really wanted to eat it. But in the middle of eating, he would put his chopsticks down and start shaking his leg really frantically. Even when we asked him if he was okay, he didn’t answer. And then, he left…”

Finally, C.A.P sent out a video message to Chunji, saying, “We had to appear on ‘Sketchbook’ as 4-members because you’re not here, but we are still really happy to be on the show with just the 4 of us.” 

You can also check out TEEN TOP’s performance medley from this week’s ‘Sketchbook’ below!