Fans are at a loss for words after coming across one foreign artist’s MV, and noticing its blatant similarities to a K-Pop MV with over 300 million views!

The controversial MV in question is a video titled Lyta‘s “Hold Me Down“. The video begins with a female lead sitting in front of her vanity, when the drawers suddenly start shaking. 

The female lead pulls out the drawer and the singer emerges, sitting on top of a foundation cushion. 

The scene changes to a table with a cereal box. The female lead removes the cereal box to find the singer accompanied by dancers, using the table as a stage to perform. 

Did any of the scenes above remind you of anything in particular? 

For many fans, the MV was way too reminiscent of a very popular K-Pop hit from 2015, GOT7‘s “Just Right“. In the “Just Right” MV, a young girl finds GOT7’s Jackson in her vanity drawers. 

GOT7 then also emerge behind a cereal box, performing for their one-person audience. 

More detailed scenes like a tiny person in a bowl of candy, the female lead trying to touch the tiny performer riding on a zebra, and more also displayed striking similarities. 

Netizens commented, “Even before I scrolled all the way down I thought of ‘Just Right'”, “Kekekekeke it’s literally the same. It’s so ridiculous it’s funny”, “So funny kekekekeke, maybe it’s actually a GOT7 parody??”, “I don’t know what country this singer is from but they literally just copied GOT7”, “They chose the wrong K-Pop artist to copy, they have no idea how huge GOT7’s international fanbase is”, “They didn’t even try to hide the fact that they copied it…”, and more. 

Compare the two MVs for yourself, below.