In order to make up for the ‘7 cake‘ controversy from earlier this summer, ‘Baskin Robbins‘ Korea has released a new ‘Bora Bora‘ cake!

Fans are now showing signs of approval toward ‘Baskin Robbins’ again as at the very beginning of August, the brand unleashed its limited edition flavor ‘Bora Bora’, made with BTS. Now, a special ‘Bora Bora’ cake has arrived! Unlike the earlier ‘7 cake’, the new cake is pretty on the outside and full of various ice cream flavors on the inside, plus for a discounted price. 

Previously, the BTS-themed ‘7 cake’ released by ‘Baskin Robbins’ garnered criticism from ARMYs for being a “low effort product” that was “overpriced” and “lacked volume”. 

Do you agree that ‘Baskin Robbins’ has redeemed itself?